Solidor Installations

Composite doors are becoming increasingly more popular due to how efficient they are. As we are a Solidor certified installer we install many composite doors within any calendar month. Every Solidor is unique. Here are some composite doors that we have installed throughout March 2021.

Flint Square

This Solidor is a flint square design in a brilliant Irish Oak. The door is surrounded by a painswick frame and side panels including charcoal sticks glass. The door is completed with sleek black accessories, including black star glass layered in the centre.

Edinburgh 2

This is an Edinburgh 2 style Solidor door in vibrant peacock blue. The door is tied together with chrome accessories.


This is a stunning London style door in tangerine. Tangerine is a new colour to both collections. The door is surrounded with an anthracite grey frame and finished with Caladonian Rose handed glass.

Beeston 1

This Solidor is a Beeston 1 style door in a beaming French grey. Along side the fresh white frame and chrome accessories this door is finished with simplicity glass.

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