When you arrive home after collecting your children from school, a busy day at work, or a trip to the supermarket, how do you feel when you approach the entrance to your home?

Are you filled with pride as you walk along the pathway? Or is the entrance to your home shouting out for a bit of love, care and attention?

If it’s the latter, then why not consider replacing your front door? You’ll be surprised by how much a new front door can enhance the appearance of your home and there are other benefits that will come with it too.

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to your new front door!

Nowadays there are so many style and colour choices when it comes to choosing your new front door. So, you’ll be pleased to find out that Solidor boast an array of different options that suit any style of home. Modern or Traditional, you’ll be spoilt for choice as there are over 50 different door designs to choose from. Bright and bold or subtle and sophisticated? Solidor can offer an industry leading range of colours and there’s an added benefit of opting for different colours inside and out! This is great if you want to create a captivating look in your hallways as well as the entrance to your home.

We want to give all of our customers peace of mind, this is why every Solidor is made using a 48mm solid timber core, in terms of security this exceeds a typical GRP or Upvc door. Every Solidor is also fit with a Diamond rated Ultion cylinder, all of their glazing designs are toughed as standard and they hold accreditations from all of the relevant bodies including Police approved Secured by design.

This Ultion Lock comes with a 10-year £1000 Guarantee

All Solidor doors are coated in an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) skin, this makes them incredibly durable. They’re also through colour, ensuring there is no need to touch up or repaint as scratching is minimised. Your Solidor will stay looking great all year round.

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